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You have a choice now. You can choose packaging and products made without oil. Most of those renewable products and packaging are made today from corn sugar or food starch, a first step toward getting us off of oil.

General Biomass takes the next step - enabling recyclable or biodegradable products and packaging made from nonfood biomass.

How? By developing enzymes to convert nonfood biomass and waste paper to biosugars, a clean, renewable, and universal source of hydrocarbons to make bioplastics which replace plastics made from oil. Recycling these plastics actually removes CO2 from the atmosphere and sequesters it naturally in structures such as building materials and playground equipment.

General Biomass Company develops advanced enzymes to make bioplastics and renewable chemicals from nonfood biomass and municipal solid waste. Our engineered cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes make biosugars - glucose and xylose - from cheap nonfood biomass. Glucose is the universal substrate for all industrial fermentations, allowing production of a wide variety of renewable chemicals and bioplastics. By providing cheap glucose from nonfood biomass, our enzymes enable production of sustainable bioplastics without the use of grain, starch, palm oil and other food-based sources.

Now that's truly sustainable.

Let Us Help You Become Sustainable

Our world is changing rapidly. Sustainability is no longer an option. In the 21st century it is a necessity for companies and brands which hope to serve billions of customers who know their planet and their future are in trouble, and want to do something about it.

Plastics are part of almost everything we buy and the package it comes in. Today those products and that packaging are made from oil, with all the attendant financial and environmental costs. Most sustainable packaging today comes from starch, obtained from corn or other food grains. As world grain supplies feel more stress, consumers looking for sustainable products and packaging have few alternatives.

General Biomass Company uses advanced biotechnology to develop custom biomass deconstruction enzymes. Each nonfood biomass feedstock is different: old newspapers require different enzymes than sugar cane bagasse or nut hulls or coffee bean husks or beetle-killed pine. We use a deep knowledge of biomass structure and sophisticated genomics tools to find the right enzymes for each feedstock, and produce them efficiently for R&D, pilot plant and commercial scale processing.

We can help you become more sustainable. We offer consulting, custom enzyme development, and an enzyme scaleup path to pilot and commercial production that fits your feedstock. Please contact us with your needs.

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