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Using nonfood cellulosic feedstocks for bioplastics and biofuels has never been more important or more timely.  Corn feedstocks are reaching their limits, generating price volatility, food vs fuel pushback, and increasingly, a negative brand image for companies making bioproducts from corn. Cellulosic technology can produce sugars from a wide range of feedstocks: ag residues, MSW, forest residues, or peripheral biomass from fruits, palm and coffee beans.

This is a time for new technology development, and General Biomass is here to help. Over 14 years of experience with cellulosic technologies gives us the depth and breadth of experience to understand your needs and offer services tailored to your business goals. We bring a deep knowledge of biomass feedstock chemistry, biomass deconstruction enzymes, genomics and bioinformatics, biomass conversion technologies, and the practical economics of nonfood sugar intermediates and lignin production from biomass.

We work with customers to create value chain technologies for sustainable packaging in the food and beverage industries, ethanol, butanol and biojet producers who want to utilize cellulosic feedstocks, and companies who want to turn waste problems into sustainable GHG-reducing solutions.

Single enzyme components are ideally suited for bench scale and robotic high-throughput testing to create customized enzyme cocktails for your feedstock. As you move to prepilot and pilot phases, our technology can scale up with yours, giving you the flexibility to make changes and derisk your process. For demonstration and production plants, we can provide licensed cell lines which enable you to produce the enzymes you need onsite, eliminating enzyme transportation costs.

We offer a range of services from consulting on specific projects, specific biomass feedstocks, technology and patent analysis, to working with your R&D department to develop new enzymes selected and customized for your application, lowering risk in the R&D and pilot phases, lowering costs at commercialization. New process? New feedstock? Need thermophilic enzymes?  Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you develop the best enzyme and biobased intermediate solutions for your needs.

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